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Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Irena Hart moved to the United States at the age of 12 and brought with her a European perspective that adds freshness to her music. Having developed a fan base in New York, she is ready for a wider audience.

Irena’s music has aired on B96 in Chicago, WEBE108, Power 105.1, WPKN, WICC, WVOF, SIRIUS Radio, to name a few. She was featured in 2011 Hartford Examiner Celebrity News, Better Health and Living Magazine as well as the Connecticut Post.

Irena wrote the theme music for a TV show, Touchstones (which she also hosted); wrote and recorded the Harmony4Kidz theme song, Save the World. Irena’s single, On The Dance Floor, was spinning on B96 in Chicago (number two dance station in the USA) with DJ Boogie for five consecutive weeks in 2009 and was recently featured in the USA Show, Burn Notice and CW’s Fly Girls.

Irena Hart is currently working on a screenplay for her first feature film, Bermuda Road and is working on writing a theme song for the film. The film was inspired by the homeless kids Irena met in NYC while planning a concert back in 2006. Meeting the street kids compelled Irena to write a song “Save the World” which led to her forming the non-profit organization, Harmony4Kidz in 2009. Through this nonprofit, she seeks to enable young people who are less fortunate to have access to music education.

Irena has dedicated her life to transforming the world through positive music, one song at a time. Her music and her personhood have powerful messages and international appeal. Irena Hart is currently working on some brand new material. Her new single, Ain’t No Price for Love, has just been released. It is available now. This song really showcases what you can expect from this uniquely talented artist going forward. She is back in the studio working with a Grammy winning producer, Mike Mangini, and a noted songwriter/producer famous for songs like “Salt of My Tears”, Martin Briley, on her latest body of work. This album is scheduled to be released in 2013.

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